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MDK Digital Pictures Ltd. is a world-class visual effects studio.

Located in Kofu Yamanashi Japan / Toronto ON Canada / Seoul Korea it specializes in creating photo-realistic visual effects for feature film,

3D Projection Mapping. 

MDK Digital Pictures Ltd. boasts a professional, responsive, and detail-oriented production staff, as well as a talented and imaginative collective of

digital artists. Working together, the MDK Digital Pictures Ltd.  team can offer unparalleled and highly creative digital production services.


MDK Digital Pictures Ltd.


Established             Nov.25 2011

CEO                       JUNSOO PARK 

TEL                        +81) 055-269-9844

FAX                        +81) 055-269-9844                                    


MDK Digital Pictures Ltd.    [ Headquarters ]          

3-4-10 Kamiishida Kofu Yamanashi Japan



GUS/VFX Inc.   [ Canada CG Office ]        

366 Adelaide St.E Suite 230 Toronto ON,  M6K3N7



MDK Digital Pictures    [ 한국 영업 지사 ]           

경기도 성남시 분당구 판교역로 192번길 14-2 924 - n53호  

- MDK KOR -          http://www.mdkdp.com/MDK-KOREA/

TEL   02-722-7105

FAX  02-722-7106







MDK Digital Pictures Ltd. KOREA  

Management Supervisor  HAN-IL PARK


MDK 한국 지사 담당 이사 : 박 한일