About us


MDK Digital Pictures Ltd. is a world-class visual effects studio.

Located in Kofu Yamanashi Japan / Toronto ON Canada / Seoul Korea it specializes in creating photo-realistic visual effects for feature film, 3D Projection Mapping. 

MDK Digital Pictures Ltd. boasts a professional, responsive, and detail-oriented production staff, as well as a talented and imaginative collective of

digital artists. Working together, the MDK Digital Pictures Ltd.  team can offer unparalleled and highly creative digital production services.


MDK Digital Pictures Ltd.


Established             Nov.25 2011

CEO                       JUNSOO PARK 

TEL                        +81) 055-269-9844

FAX                        +81) 055-269-9844                                    


Japan Office           3-4-10 Kamiishida Kofu Yamanashi Japan

 - MDK -                  http://www.mdkdp.com


Canada Office        366 Adelaide St.E Suite 230 Toronto ON,  M6K3N7

 - GUS/VFX -          http://www.gusvfx.com/mdk


Korea Office           경기도 성남시 분당구 판교역로 192번길 14-2 924 - n53호  

- MDK KOR -          TEL   02-722-7105

                               FAX  02-722-7106










Silicon Studio/ignis image works                                      Tokyo Japan

Mr.X Inc.                                                                           Toronto ON Canada

SideEffects Software                                                        Toronto ON Canada



Canada IADT / Toronto Film School                                 VFX/Computer Animation

USA Ohio Hocking College                                               American Art, Design & Marketing


Originally from South Korea, studied American Art, Design & Marketing in US, Ohio Hocking College, then moved to Toronto Canada and completed the post grad program at Toronto Film School (deans list). After that, Junsoo worked in the Toronto visual effects industry, and later on moved to Japan to work in the Japanese visual effects industry. After working in Japan for several years, he started his own company doing full feature animation work for television, gaming, and film. His company MDK Digital Pictures ltd. has employees around the world who have a wide breadth of experience in working with visual effects. His visual effects experience gives him the critical eye to translate the clients vision, as well as the knowledge in how to direct his creative team.